Hack the Entrepreneur: Getting past the fear of failure

Now is the time to become an entrepreneur

Photo courtesy of uberof202(CC ShareALike)

By Dave McGurgan |@dmcgurgan

As the work world has changed dramatically with the changes brought forth by the Internet, there is no better time than now to become an entrepreneur. This is the basis of Jon Nastor’s book, “Hack the Entrepreneur.”

Nastor’s approach is to present insights from some of the more than 200 entrepreneurs he has interviewed for his podcast, also named Hack the Entrepreneur. These bite-sized nuggets of knowledge are then expanded upon by Nastor, who adds his own clearly-written insights.

Nastor takes a high-level approach to how prospective or new entrepreneurs can leap in and begin building a new business. By keeping things broad, Nastor is able to cover a lot of ground and provide what essentially is the blueprint he created and followed to launch VelocityPage and several other products. Nastor successfully delivers a book isn’t overwhelming or full of inane detail.

His message is clear: You too can be, and should be, an entrepreneur and that the only things that are holding you back are likely fear of failure and your own self.

Like many entrepreneurs and thought leaders who leverage digital, there are plenty more resources that Nastor makes available including his blog, newsletter, podcast and courses that he offers through the Rainmaker FM platform.

All of which raises the question for those of you who are thinking of starting your own business: What is holding you back?