Four Dog Creative: A refreshing approach to doing business

By Dave McGurgan | @dmcgurgan

Thank you for checking out Four Dog Creative. We are a DIY creative agency. DIY is important to us and those we serve because it represents a new and different way of doing business. By using a DIY approach and bootstrapping our business it allows us to truly be nimble and avoid the bloat that often slows down the creative process, turnaround times and how efficiently we can get things done for the people and organizations we’re serving.

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Four Dog Creative. Photo courtesy of derekGavey(CC Attribution)

Doing business with kindness and generosity

After years of working at agencies, as consultants and in full-time roles, we experienced layoffs, pay freezes and furloughs, and we watched our peers struggle with the same challenges. And workplaces seemed to become increasingly uncivil with each passing year. In many ways, these issues are symptoms and signals of what has been dubbed by Taylor Pearson as “The End of Jobs.”

We’re passionate about our work and believe that it’s not only possible to be kind and generous when doing business, but that it should be mandatory. We recognize that it’s a privilege to do work on behalf of other businesses.

Trust and loyalty

We named our business Four Dog Creative because dogs are loyal and trustworthy. When those traits are applied at the business level, it helps cement relationships and lays the foundations of business relationships that can last for years.

At Four Dog Creative, we leverage collaborative technologies, work in remote workspaces (which is becoming the new norm) and use tools that improve efficiencies. This allow us to focus on the things that matter most: Creating awesome social media strategies, killer websites and beautiful design solutions. The best part about our approach is that it helps form business relationships that are mutually beneficial.

Collaboration over competition

At Four Dog Creative, we don’t see other creative types or agencies as competitors; rather we view them as potential collaborators. This is good for the people and companies we work with, because it means connecting them with the best talent to get the work done with the best possible outcomes.

Thanks for taking the time to learn a little more about Four Dog Creative. We’re inspired by the fact that the Internet has fundamentally changed business and how we work and do business. Want to learn more about our services

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