Frida Baby Illustration

Four Dog Creative welcomes Frida Baby to our herd

We wanted to share a little something about the latest dog to join the Four Dog Creative herd, Frida. She is a min pin/chihuahua mix. We adopted her through Faithful Friends, a wonderful nonprofit animal welfare organization, here in Wilmington, Delaware.

Our art director, Kelly Carter, created this delightful illustration of Frida (formerly known as Baby, sometimes goes by Frida Baby.) Yes, that’s a dog in a martini glass! Kelly referenced a photo Frida after she had just been spayed and had to wear the cone of shame, and took some liberties.

Frida Cone

Frida has lots of energy and enthusiasm for life, which we’ve found refreshing. It has helped reinvigorate our team. Frida loves to go for walks, meet new people while she’s out and about and is especially fond of playing with her new brother, Maui.

Dogs are very much a part of who we are at Four Dog Creative. Dogs are loyal, trustworthy and offer long-lasting relationships. Those are the same values we aim for in our business relationships and are representative of who we are as a creative agency.

Maui and Frida