House Industries: The Process is the Inspiration

House Industries book chronicles transforming artistic curiosity into satisfying work

By Dave McGurgan

Hiding in plain sight for nearly 25 years, House Industries might be the coolest brand and company to emerge from Delaware. The highly innovative design company began as a type foundry, but has made its mark by innovating and evolving at a rate that Miles Davis would have had trouble keeping up with.

Early on, founders Rich Roat and Andy Cruz took a pass on going the typical agency or creative shop route, instead, they followed their most personal passions and eclectic interests and allowed those to influence the direction of their company. As a result, House Industries created their own opportunities to work in disparate mediums such as fashion, product design and even cycling gear.

House Industries takes a look back at their history in “House Industries: The Process is the Inspiration.” The 400-page book weaves the narrative of the company’s unlikely ascent to become of America’s top design thought leaders along with many of their most visually-engaging projects. The book is an intriguing collection of valuable lessons, anecdotes and case studies that describe how one can transform obsessive curiosity into personally satisfying and fruitful work.

We’ve already pre-ordered our copy for the Four Dog Creative office. We recommend you do the same. House Industries: The Process is the Inspiration