Woman taking photo mobile phone

More than 100 facts on how social media has impacted the business world

By Dave McGurgan
photo: Annie Spratt

Here are some social media insights that you can use to drop some social media knowledge on your boss and help you geek out with the social media managers in your life. The important takeaways that you’ll want to note for the business world include:

  • Spending on social media marketing is expected to double in the next three years
  • Facebook, YouTube and LinkedIn are the social sites most likely to influence purchasing decisions
  • Facebook has 1.59 billion registered users
  • Instagram has 600 million registered users
  • Twitter has 320 million registered users
  • 43,000+ photos are uploaded to Instagram every minute
  • For every one photo uploaded to Instagram, 10 are uploaded to Snapchat
  • Social media penetration is nearly 60% in the U.S.
  • YouTube is big with kids: 85% of them report watching videos on the social network