Networking is a lot like planting seeds

Here’s why you should never stop networking

By Dave McGurgan
Photo: surajith s

As humans, we all crave and need social interactions. Without these personal connections, we do not exist or function very effectively. We must never stop networking.

Our network of people that we interact with expands and contracts over time. If we don’t nourish our network on a regular basis, one can become disconnected from others. It can keep one from thriving in a meaningful way.

Networking is a lot like planting seeds. In most cases, it rarely produces immediate results. What you do today as you network may not come to fruition for many weeks or months to come.

When you plant a seed, you are creating opportunities for yourself and others in the future.

The more you nurture your network, the more opportunity to plant seeds and meet interesting people along the way.

Whether it’s a LinkedIn connection request, a referral or a get-in-touch e-mail, it’s important never to stop engaging with your networks of people, places and things. As humans ,we crave and seek out that engagement.