We’re Four Dog Creative, a digital creative agency whose home base is in Wilmington, Delaware.  We specialize in writing and design for both print and web, social media strategy and website development.


We’re fortunate to know and be a part of a community of really cool entrepreneurs and creative types including, designers, web developers, artists, photographers, writers and musicians. It’s a diverse community that we love collaborating with, because it is built on respect, trust and treating people well.


Where some people just see another book cover or packaging on a box of cereal, we see all of the planning, art, design and execution that went into creating it. Similarly, on mobile, social and the web, we’re constantly consuming, examining and contributing to communities that are building cool stuff. We use this ever-expanding and infinite library of knowledge to fuel our creativity.


We’ve spent the last two decades being creatives as part of teams, with agencies and with our own freelance endeavors. Our passion has grown during that time and we love working with people who love what they do, because they remind us of ourselves. We believe that treating people well in business should be mandatory.


Yes, we have four dogs who share our office space with us. They’ve been by our sides through the years and have taught us the value of trust, loyalty and long-lasting relationships. These are awesome values that belong in every work environment and are baked into the solutions we produce.



Publication design

Branding and identity

Social media

Website development

Dream Clients

Creatives and artists


Small business owners


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