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Six storytelling tools for the social web

By Dave McGurgan

As the Internet becomes increasingly visual and more content is consumed via mobile devices, brands and marketers are reacting by spending more time telling stories.

As marketing evolves away from traditional one-way messaging (e.g., “Here’s my billboard with my marketing message”), storytelling is becoming more commonplace as consumers expect to have connections with their favorite brands and products via the social web and mobile devices.

Reap big rewards by using social media for business

The benefits of social media for business continues to grow as more social media channels emerge and more users get connected. Any business still shunning social media these days is like eschewing newspaper ads in the ’90s: an epic fail.

Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram combined have over 2 billion users. All these are potential customers or represent a big chunk of your already existing clientele. There is so much that businesses can do on social media that was previously possible only with huge marketing and CRM budgets.

Women in digital illustration: Nine of the best

By Kelly Carter

Google any subject and you’ll fall down the rabbit hole. I recently set out in search of nine of the best women in digital illustration and while doing research for this blog post, I would find that two hours had passed as I discovered one amazing artist after another. A recurring theme that I noticed was that women like to celebrate the female face and form in their works of art.

What my dog taught me about marketing

By Dave McGurgan | @dmcgurgan

They say dogs are man’s best friend, and my dog Augie was indeed my close confidant and ever-loyal pal. Our relationship evolved over the years into a deep connection. For nearly 16 years, Augie was there for me, day after day. 

I’d like to share some of the things that Augie taught me, including the values on which Four Dog Creative is built. Drawing on these lessons, I’ve derived some key marketing takeaways from which every business can learn.

Nine super-talented book cover designers

By Kelly Carter

The ninth month is my birth month, so I’ve always considered it a lucky number. Nine is the number of states I want to live in before I die (I’ve done five so far). It’s the number of dogs I want to have at one time (I know, crazy, right?). Instead of moving or increasing our herd, I’ve decided to start blogging lists of nine. 


As an avid reader, I’ve always thought the ultimate job would be for someone to pay me to read books all day. I wouldn’t want to edit them, because I’m not an editor. I wouldn’t want to review them, because I’m not a reviewer. As a designer, my second choice for an ultimate job would be for someone to pay me to read books every few days, then to design the covers in between.

Here are some of my favorite book cover designers, who do amazing work, some of which you’ve probably seen on the bestseller lists.

Top 20 tools to create social media visual content for the web and social networks

By Dave McGurgan | @dmcgurgan

“The web is becoming increasingly visual.” It’s something that we tell our customers and our prospects every day. With the rapid adoption of mobile devices and increased download speeds, more people are consuming more images (and video) than ever before

As social media marketers, it’s our job to help brands and organizations connect with their audience and one of the primary ways we do that is to create social media visual content for both the web and social networks (which, by the way, are well on the way to becoming one and the same). 

Here are some of our favorite tools that we use to create social media visual content both for Four Dog Creative’s own marketing efforts and on behalf of our customers as well.

Social media engagement: Brands should be talking with customers, not at them

By Dave McGurgan | @dmcgurgan

What you’re able to read is something that I originally wrote four years ago, in 2012. At that time, many organizations still had trouble accepting the fact that they no longer were in charge of the conversation. 

The fact that customers could talk about companies and brands and their experiences with them, was a frightening reality to upper management. 

It might seem absurd in 2016 that some companies still question the value of being on social media. Yet, they still exist. For now anyway.

Social media policy for employees should be built on trust

By Karl Smith | @coachkarlpa

One thread that’s followed me through my career has been trying to connect things. I did it as a reporter, an editor, a designer, a website GM and all through my time as a manager and executive. 

So no surprise that I worked to connect to pieces I’ve read, both via Hootsuite. Both involved social media policy for employees, but they didn’t carry the same message. Or maybe they did. I guess it all depends how you connect them.