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Top 10 social media tools for small- and medium-size businesses

By Dave McGurgan | @dmcgurgan

Emerging Media - Twitter Bird

Photo courtesy of mkhmarketing(CC Attribution)

There are many, many choices when it comes to selecting the best social media tools for your business. Pricing on these tools varies widely, from those offering free or freemium versions, to some with hefty price tags.

If you’re just diving into social media and assembling your toolkit, or if you’re doing an audit of your current tool lineup, here are 10 great tools that come in less than $100.00.

Four Dog Creative: A refreshing approach to doing business

By Dave McGurgan | @dmcgurgan

Thank you for checking out Four Dog Creative. We are a DIY creative agency. DIY is important to us and those we serve because it represents a new and different way of doing business. By using a DIY approach and bootstrapping our business it allows us to truly be nimble and avoid the bloat that often slows down the creative process, turnaround times and how efficiently we can get things done for the people and organizations we’re serving.

It pays to be kind in business: Relationship building

By Dave McGurgan | @dmcgurgan

Relationship building: It pays to be kind at work

Relationship building: Every office and workspace needs it. Photo courtesy of f_mafra(CC ShareALike)

What I’ve found is that whether you’re with family, with work colleagues or interacting with a waiter, someone you have just met or dealing with a customer representative on the phone, you should be nice to them. What you get in return is rather remarkable.

My grandmother, who would introduce me to every neighbor she knew and that we saw during our frequent walks, taught me this: Be kind.

Research from the Human Cooperation Lab at Yale has validated that being nice at work “creates bonds among people and makes them not want to cut each other down.”

Hack the Entrepreneur: Getting past the fear of failure

Now is the time to become an entrepreneur

Photo courtesy of uberof202(CC ShareALike)

By Dave McGurgan |@dmcgurgan

As the work world has changed dramatically with the changes brought forth by the Internet, there is no better time than now to become an entrepreneur. This is the basis of Jon Nastor’s book, “Hack the Entrepreneur.”

Nastor’s approach is to present insights from some of the more than 200 entrepreneurs he has interviewed for his podcast, also named Hack the Entrepreneur. These bite-sized nuggets of knowledge are then expanded upon by Nastor, who adds his own clearly-written insights.

Social Media Management: Delaware Health Information Network

  • Develop and execute social media strategy for first operational statewide health information exchange (HIE) in the U.S., DHIN.
  • Create and manage social media content calendar and written and visual content for distribution on social channels including YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Manage Facebook advertising including creation of campaigns, ad copy and visual creative
  • Prepare and deliver monthly social media analytics and reporting to COO and Director of Marketing

DHIN is the First Statewide HIE in the Nation Facebook.

All 46 long term care facilities in the (1) All Delaware acute care hospitals participate DOES YOURDOC DHIN- More than 1.4 million unique patients are