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The Dark Knight alternative movie poster design

Fan-made alternative movie poster design is delightful, sometimes beautiful

By Dave McGurgan

With classic movies often getting the reboot treatment, why shouldn’t posters for classic films also get the same treatment? That’s where fan-made alternative movie poster design comes in. Made by a variety of artists and designers, these posters re-imagine the visual identities of the films we know and love.

While some of these designs are based on or reveal essential plot twists, movie fanatics may disapprove. And some of them just miss the mark. But from a design perspective, these alternative movie posters are at the very least, fresh eye candy.

h/t NegativeMagenta via Reddit

Alternative Movie Posters

Women in digital illustration: Nine of the best

By Kelly Carter

Google any subject and you’ll fall down the rabbit hole. I recently set out in search of nine of the best women in digital illustration and while doing research for this blog post, I would find that two hours had passed as I discovered one amazing artist after another. A recurring theme that I noticed was that women like to celebrate the female face and form in their works of art.

Nine super-talented book cover designers

By Kelly Carter

The ninth month is my birth month, so I’ve always considered it a lucky number. Nine is the number of states I want to live in before I die (I’ve done five so far). It’s the number of dogs I want to have at one time (I know, crazy, right?). Instead of moving or increasing our herd, I’ve decided to start blogging lists of nine. 


As an avid reader, I’ve always thought the ultimate job would be for someone to pay me to read books all day. I wouldn’t want to edit them, because I’m not an editor. I wouldn’t want to review them, because I’m not a reviewer. As a designer, my second choice for an ultimate job would be for someone to pay me to read books every few days, then to design the covers in between.

Here are some of my favorite book cover designers, who do amazing work, some of which you’ve probably seen on the bestseller lists.