We don’t have a choice on whether we do social media, the question is how well we do it.

-Erik Qualman


Today’s customers expect to interact and engage with the brands that they are thinking of doing business with. They expect brands to share useful information and expect to receive prompt customer service via social media.

Social media and the bottom line

We help businesses leverage social media to drive the bottom line. We do this by creating social strategies that align with, and support, business strategies and goals. These strategies use a customized blend of tactics such as content creation and curation, relationship nurturing, building trust and humanization of brands.

Audits and analytics are two of the powerful tools we use to measure what’s working for current social media programs and where the opportunities are for improving efficiencies. We use competitive analysis to determine how well competitors are using social media and how businesses can differentiate themselves.

Trust, engagement and results

We serve a variety of industries from healthcare and professional services to  small- to medium-sized businesses and nonprofits. While the goals of these industries can vary significantly, there are also many common threads: We help businesses build trust online, engage with targeted audiences and participate in online communities’ discussions relevant to their mission.

In the era of mobile technologies, social media demands that companies be nimble. We manage and monitor social media in real-time. And thanks to Four Dog Creative’s size, which we keep intentionally modest, we’re able to provide rapid responses and real-time solutions which today’s consumers expect.

It’s all about the data

We use social media reporting that isn’t overwhelming; we help you make sense of the data and the story it’s telling about how efficiently your company is using social media to achieve its business goals.

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