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Thomas Hughes and Gretchen Lohse of Carol Cleveland Sings

Soundtrack of Our Office: Carol Cleveland Sings

By Dave McGurgan

At Four Dog Creative, we listen to a lot of music because it provides us with endless inspiration and keeps our creativity elevated.

We listen frequently to Carol Cleveland Sings, whose album “Effervescent Lure,” made our (unpublished) list of Best Records of 2016.

Soundtrack of our office: Carol Cleveland Sings “Effervescent Lure” LP @carolclevelandsings #vinyl

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The delightful video for their song, “Run to Your Bedroom,” features Sylvio, a gorilla who unleashes a big surprise after interacting with a computer he finds during a walk.

Slightly surreal and thoroughly enjoyable, it’s a delightful creative collaboration between Thomas Hughes and Gretchen Lohse of Carol Cleveland Sings and filmmakers Albert Birney and Anne Horel.

But wait, there’s more. “Slyvio The Movie” a full-length film which premieres at SXSW 2017 and features music by Hughes and Lohse.

Buy: Carol Cleveland Sings “Effervescent Lure”

Khun Narin Electric Finn Band

Soundtrack of our office: Khun Narin Electric Finn Band

After listening to Khun Narin Electric Finn Band‘s 2016 album “II,” we were once again reminded what a great delight their music is.

It blends psych rock and world music and western and eastern approaches to music-making.

Here is Khun Narin’s story told in two-and-a-half minutes.

And here’s a very psychedelic and inspiring 24-minute long megamix of Khun Narin’s music which you may enjoy.

File under: Psychedelic music from Thailand.